Subscription Master Limited is a UK Registered start-up company that specialises in event management solutions and various web based and mobile devices solutions. Currently our flagship product is Subscription Master a mobile phone and web app but we also design bespoke solutions for customers who mainly require apps and websites. Based in South Yorkshire - Sheffield Subscription Masters Limited has a 25 staff dispersed around the globe with expertise in various aspects of application design, project management, software engineering, games design, graphic design and business management.

Our very able staff subscribe to the same 'quality without exception' ethos that has seen our company produce Subscription Master which we believe will be a success in the sporting app and subscription software market. With a very strict testing and quality assurance loop we are able to implement projects with very few glitches at the start while analysing customer feedback so that we shape our products to match market or bespoke customer requirements.

If you have any comments or seek information about our products please get in touch


Our Project Cycle

    Produce thorough Specification and Requirments

    Revisit and consult requirements

    Create a project team

    Set key, realistic target dates

    Project management the implentation


    Release to customer and sign off.

Easy Pay - Easy Play!!