Easily manage your club, entity or group with Subscription Master which is the most dynamic Subscription software available for amateur sports and other events. Your club Chairman (Cm) must register online and setup their club, entity or group.  The Cm can enter the various sports or activity that their club offers and then the different teams within those sports or activities. Once the teams are setup the Cm can set up the team managers or coaches who receive notification emails that prompt them to download Subscription Master so that they complete their part of the setup and start enjoying the benefits offered by our mobile phone app.

As part of the setup for Subscription Master the Cm sets up the banking details for the Club which are managed by Paypal. This part of the setup ensures that all the players and Guardians can make payments directly to the club without having to manually hand over cash to the coaches, managers and other cashiers.

 In the current economic climate sponsors play a very important role within club fiances. Traditionally the majority of club and teams Sponsors were present on match day programs or flyers but now Subscription Master allows the club to enter their sponsors name and upload an image/logo so that the users of subscription Master within the club can see their sponsor images. This subscription app makes the system more attractive to sponsors because they will be more visible to the market. 


Easy Pay - Easy Play!!