As Guardian on Subscription master you will have oversight of all your children. Subscription master can host multiple children playing different sports at different clubs. Paying subscriptions will be very easy and keeping abreast with all new events and changes to current events is now every easy because of this quality app.

Gaurdians can take advantage of the following features:-

  1. Multiple children
  2. Multiple teams
  3. Multiple subscriptions (subs)
  4. Oversee children’s subscriptions
  5. View all children’s activity list/events
  6. View club notices
  7. View club and team calendars,
  8. Easy chating/texting to coaches managers and chairman within Subscription Master
  9. Easily transfer from team to team
  10. View kit issued to your children.

Mor features are currently being developed for this area of the application to add to to the already fantastic array of features.


Easy Pay - Easy Play!!