Upon receipt of a system generated email invitation initiated by the manager or head coach, players are able to complete registration and begin to pay subscriptions directly from their account to the clubs or organisers account via Paypal. On every training, meeting or event day the system prompts players to pay their subscriptions. Once paid a notification is posted to the manager who is able to see the player’s payment status on the roll call for that training date.

 Players are able to:-

  1. Pay and View subscription history,
  2. Edit their profile including entering medical notes
  3. View notices,
  4. View events current, upcoming and historical,
  5. Chat to their whole team or to individuals
  6. Set up events,
  7. View club and
  8. View team calendars,
  9. Invite supporter#
  10. Indicate their availability for match day#

 p.s Restrictions are in place for minors where Guardian oversight is needed for them to pay subscriptions. 

Easy Pay - Easy Play!!